Best YouTube channels to learn cyber security and hacking in 2022

2 min readAug 6, 2022


So you want to learn to hack, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some YouTube channels that will help you get started in the cyber security career:


Hak5 is the oldest award-winning YouTube channel that provides cyber security and hacking guides since 2005, they have at the time of writing this post 600k subscribers and over 60M views, they don’t just have hacking guides, they have also hacking news and podcasts.
They have also made some tools that you may have heard of like WIFI Pineapple, and USB Rubber Ducky which you can buy at their site.


HackerSploit is a popular cyber security training channel, it’s one of the best YouTube channels to learn about cyber security for beginners as they have a lot of tutorials from learning Linux to reverse engineering, they have 700k subscribers, and are about to reach 30M view at the time of writing.


If you want to learn about hacking especially reverse engineering, then you need to watch LiveOverFlow, he is a fantastic YouTuber, his videos are just amazing, his videos are beginner-friendly and awesome, and he explains very technical cyber security concepts in a simple and fun way, he also does CTF write-ups and other hacking-related videos, He has over 730k subscribers and close to 50M views at the time of writing.

The Cyber Mentor

The Cyber Mentor is also a good channel to learn about cyber security, he has some good hacking tutorials, career advice, and some off-topic videos on his YouTube channel, he is close to 370k subscribers and he has over 10M views at the time of writing.

John Hammond

John Hammond is a great YouTuber, he has very good content, and he does CTF write-ups most of the time, which is a good way to learn to hack, he also does some random hacking videos and tutorials sometimes, and he has almost 480k subscribers and 24M views at the time of writing.

Other hacking YouTube channels

These are some other great YouTube channels that you should also check:

David Bombal






Tech Raj




And good luck on your hacking journey :)

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